Business meetings
Business meetings can be conducted from your own Desktop instead of travelling for hours for a meeting of an hour or two.

Recruitment interviews

Live medical workshops , Face to face consulting
Its very helpful for the medical professionals to take an expert opinion on the complicated cases. The operations can also be shown Live world wide.

Product demos
Product launch taking place in your city can been viewed at the same time by the spectators worldwide through multipoint Video conferencing giving you a large coverage for the marketing of the product.

Court Cases
This can also be used for cross examination, arguments in front of Judges panel without physically being present in the Court room.

Distance learning and training programs
This is a very good and useful application of Video conferencing.  Students can hear the lecture given by the expert and interact with the expertise for their difficulties online.

Town halls

Manufacturers and designers for product / design approval
Designers and Manufacturers can show their product right from their city for approval . The embroideries of fashion designing and many other products where constant changes are required can be shown through Videoconferencing by saving lot of time.

Diamond merchants , Jewelers

Bodyshoppers for distance interviews
Many people use this for interviews. Most of the companies interview the candidate through Videoconferencing as they can judge the personality and general mannerism to choose the right candidate.

Software professionals for presentation

Lecture of the renowned personality
Lectures of the busy renowned personalities can be arranged for the people who need to hear their success stories.

Job Interviews
The Employer can interview the candidates face to face across the world without leaving their city.