Hybrid CEO Address

Hybrid CEO Service Address

Virtual Hybrid CEO Address are combination of on-site location in person paired with a online virtual meeting platform service provider.

The Hybrid CEO Address is an internal communication event of a company where a CEO interacts with the Company employees.

Hybrid Virtual CEO Address are useful for interacting with the employees present in person as well as virtual via Q&A sessions, provide them progress updates, announce any new product updates, to update the company milestones and celebrations etc

A live webcasting solution offers companies engaging experience for the live streaming of the event.

This is usually a annual or a quarterly event of the organization wherein all the employees across different offices of the organization are addressed by the company’s CEO or the Chairman. Our webcasting platform helps in bringing the employees and the management together on the same platform.

We can set up the required elements in the cabin of the CEO or in the Boardroom or in conference halls . We can capture live audio, video and the PowerPoint presentation and then stream to a unique URL which is shared with the employees prior to the event. It can be password protected to keep the event private.