Hybrid Event Services

Webcam On Hire, Webcam on Rent

The ever evolving pandemic situation has created many new challenges for event organizers.

Onsite event or Virtual event ? that’s the million dollar question all event organizers have in their mind.

The best solution is to opt for Hybrid event which gives you best of both worlds and we are champions at it.

Below are some examples of perfect hybrid event programs:

 Sales kick-offs
Global town halls
Trade shows

Hybrid events are also extremely useful solutions when many of your attendees who would normally attend in person , can't do so any more.

Below are some examples of when an attendee who normally might be on site for an event may have to attend virtually:

The attendee wants to avoid travel due to health or safety concerns.
 The attendee's organization has limited travel budget and, therefore, cannot travel to the event venue.
The venue where you will be hosting the onsite portion of the event has capacity limitations, so not all attendees will be allowed to gather onsite.

A best practice may be to send out a pre-event registration or survey to garner the current situations and a general feelings of your invitees . If you get the sense that some would attend physically but many would prefer the option of attending virtually, a hybrid event may be the best way to go.

Please contact our expert team to plan your next Hybrid event with us.