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Video Conference Equipment On Hire

Why Hire

When you hire a video conference unit from us, you can relax while we take care of all the technical setup and maintenance for the smooth functioning of your business meetings. Be amazed at the increased productivity as you spend more time overseeing the micro and macro aspects of your global projects rather than shuttling to and back from airports.

Hiring enables you to preserve valuable cash flow for other critical functions within your business. Very often, businesses have to balance the need for expansion and overseas ambitions together with account balances to enable smooth cash flow. Leasing is a great way to conserve reserves to take advantage of current market opportunities.

Flexible Solutions

Rental of the equipment will appear as expenses rather than debt and make your business and balance sheet more attractive to investors and lenders. Also you need not keep buying new systems to catch up with the ever changing VC technology.

Our stock of Video Conference System includes Standard definition systems on hire

They are most trusted , popular and easy to use systems. Can work with most of the standard aux. equipments such as MX70 video mixer, PD70 video camera , projectors / Plasma / LCD tvs with standard formats.

High Definition (HD) systems on hire
Sophisticated High definition video conference systems provide brilliant video and audio quality and offer true telepresence experience. Highly recommended for great visual details and crisp audio. Be there without being there.